Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot – Bal les Masques!

From the album, Ultime Cosmos.

Hot Chip – Keep Falling

From the album, Coming on Strong.

Radio Happenings

John Cage and Morton Feldman recorded four open-ended conversations at the studios of radio station WBAI in New York. These meetings spanned six months between July 1966 and January 1967, and were produced as five “Radio Happenings”. Both were at transitional points in their music. Cage had completed Variations V in 1965 and Variations VI and VII in 1966, and would publish “A Year from Monday” in 1967. Most of Feldman’s important work was yet to come. These conversations between two old friends, relaxed, smoking, and throwing out ideas, are full of laughter and long ponderous silences. They form an incredible historical record of their concerns and preoccupations with making music, art, society, and politics of the moment.

In 1993 these conversations were transcribed and published as “Radio Happenings I-V” by Edition MusikTexte in Cologne, Germany, with a German translation and a preface by Christian Wolff. However, the printed page loses so much that can only be experienced by hearing these two speaking together again – even those long, meaningful silences.

I: July 9 1966
On intrusions – is it reality or culture? The role of the artist – deep in thought.
Is it possible to avoid the environment around us? Being constantly interrupted? Larry Rivers, Bob Rauschenberg, Franz Kline, Schoenberg, Stockhausen, Boulez, Black Mountain College. On boredom and Zen, Buckminster Fuller.

Thanks to the Estate of Morton Feldman and the John Cage Trust for permission to share this historic interview. All Rights Reserved.

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Artist/Composer: John Cage, Morton Feldman
Date: 1966-07-09 00:00:00
Source: Other Minds
Label / Recorded by: WBAI
Keywords: Avantgarde20th Century ClassicalInterviews

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Burger of the Future

Dave Arnold’s Burger Of The Future from Eater NY on Vimeo.

Motif-Index of Folk Literature

Motif-Index of Folk Literature

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