Granta reissues The Age of Wire and String, with illustrations


The Age of Wire and String

To be published soon in the US.  For now, some reviews from the UK:

The Independent

Art Forum



We Love this Book

A review in Dazed & Confused, by Stuart Hammond:

‘A brain rattling collection of experimental fictions … There are shades of Beckett in the playful obsessive language twiddling, and although the text is 18 years old, The Age of Wire and String still seems cutting edge.’

And from Design Observer, a review by Rick Poyner:

The Age of Wire and String by Ben Marcus, first published in 1995, is one of the strangest works of fiction I have read. What and where is the world it describes with such dedicated observational precision? The language has an almost biblical sonority, and these brief “stories” might seem to offer a set of rules, or a guide to living. Large parts of the book sound like a report on a field trip written by an extraterrestrial anthropologist about a planet where life has evolved in ways that resemble our human existence in key particulars while being utterly unlike it. Or it could be that we are the subject and a visiting alien ethnographic entity cannot make sense — at least not a sense we can fully grasp — of what it has found.

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