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A Q&A with Harper’s

12.2.2011 (more…)

An excerpt from The Flame Alphabet, in the December issue of Harper’s


The First Venom,” an excerpt from The Flame Alphabet, has just been published in the December 2011 issue of Harper’s. (more…)

Excerpts from The Flame Alphabet to appear in Harper’s and Bomb


Harper’s Magazine will run an excerpt from The Flame Alphabet in their December issue.  A different excerpt will appear in the Winter issue of Bomb Magazine.


The Flame Alphabet


Erin Cosgrove is making the book trailer for The Flame Alphabet.  It should be finished in the next few weeks.  For now, here’s another still:

The Flame Alphabet will be published by Knopf in January of 2012.

Book Court – January 19

The Flame Alphabet – Launch Event


The Fume Cupboard


Deleted from an early draft of The Flame Alphabet.


Before I returned to the car I noticed a fume cupboard at the top of the embankment, one of the old wooden-style medicinal booths.  Up until now I had only heard rumors. (more…)

Philadelphia Free Library – January 17

Shalom Auslander & Ben Marcus


The Flame Alphabet

The Flame Alphabet

The Flame Alphabet was published by Knopf in January 2012. (more…)

The Flame Alphabet: starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and Pick of the Week


“Language kills in Marcus’s audacious new work of fiction, a richly allusive look at a world transformed by a new form of illness.”

Publisher’s Weekly


The Flame Alphabet reviewed in Library Journal


Marcus, Ben. The Flame Alphabet. Knopf. Jan. 2012.

Fierce, scary, hurtful, unsettling, and brilliant, this new work by award-winning novelist Marcus (Notable American Women) reminds us that language is dangerous and that we’ll do anything to protect our children, even when they are (literally) killing us. (more…)